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 Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary

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Rainsong´s location on the edge of Costa Rica´s oldest National Park, Reserva Absoluta Natural Cabo Blanco, which enables us to live this philosophy daily.

Surrounded by lush emerald mountains that gradually slope down to the endless blue expanse of the ocean, the splendid panorama is a fantastic immersion in pure nature. Pristine nature whispers to one´s soul, reawakening connective memories (ancient and consciously forgotten ), an awareness of a harmonious connection that vibrates throughout all manifestations found on this physical.

" One planet, One soul." - this is the origin of the awareness, and immersion in untouched nature calls us back to our oneness. Redirects our spirit to the One Spirit that we are all a part of. ('God'). These thoughts roll through my conscious-awareness each time I pause inside the Rainsong gate to drink in this panorama. A moment of sublime peace and appreciation. Renewing and refreshing JOY ! Natural beauty, beautiful nature...

How did mankind ("kind"? ) become severed from his oneness with nature?

I blame the "I me my mine" disease, this terrible epidemic of selfishness and greed that is threatening the well-being and survival of our planet, Mother Earth, Mother Nature.

At Rainsong we nurture a protective attitude. As guardians of our little corner of the planet, we cherish its natural beauty, and fervently protect its furred and feathered citizens. Rainsong is home to many animals and birds. Wildlife abounds, attracted by the habitat it provides (thick primary and secondary jungle), they are nourished by the wide range of fruits and nuts occurring naturally, or planted by us in the past 9 years of our guardianship. We even gladly share our short-term crops. Some years we harvest little or none of the corn, beans, or watermelon that we plant. The wildlife often leaves us no leftovers. But we don´t mind, we are happy to nurture their well-being. We ENJOY their presence, we honor and cherish them, each and every creature.

Congos (howler monkeys), white-face monkeys, pizotis (coatimundi), an occasional anteater (sometimes a whole family), iguanas, and many many birds (toucans, parrots, toledos, motmots, trogans, hawks, owls...) accompany us while we work in the Sanctuary gardens, or while treking the trails, or visiting our little private waterfall hidden amongst immense jungle hardwoods. Every now and then we might be blessed with a glimpse of our resident jaguarundis (a pair of black panther-like wildcats) that call Rainsong home.

Many people who visit Rainsong, as volunteers or visitors, are awed by the peace and harmony. They re-connect, it becomes a spiritual experience.

JOY !!!!

"Get Close to Nature and Enjoy !!!"

Happy trails,
Mary at Rainsong

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