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Ocelot Kitten playing with his motherOther Wild Animal Projects in Costa Rica:

One might think that Costa Rica would have hundreds of projects to help the protection and recovery of its various animal, bird, and plant species. However, such projects are few and far between, despite millions of tourists visiting this country each year with the hope of seeing these animals. Even though Costa Rica's environmental budget is greater than that of all the other countries in Central America combined, it's still hopelessly little compared to what's needed, leaving private citizens to take up the slack. Meanwhile, we are hampered by a difficult bureaucracy and legal system, fraught with contradictions and loopholes. For example, although hunting of any wild animals in Costa Rica is technically illegal, MINAE is still issuing hunting permits! So, the following organizations need your help badly! Visit them, make donations, and tell your friends. Many of these people are spending their own money for the benefit of Costa Rica to keep their places going. Even a few dollars can help a lot with food or medicine.

Amigos de las Aves    Parrot and Bird Breeding and Reintroduction Center, especially for the Scarlet Macaw. This amazing group has released several groups of scarlet macaws into the wild in different parts of Costa Rica.
ASEPALECO    Dedicated to protecting wildlife habitat in the southern Nicoya Peninsula
Aviarios del Caribe    Sloth Park and Rehabilitation Center in Cahuita
Campaign to save the Osa Peninsula
Rancho Delicioso Montezuma organic farm and sustainable community, with a volunteer center, conservation, and green building.
Curu Wildlife Reserve    A privately-owned park on the Southern Nicoya peninsula that has projects for re-releasing both Scarlet Macaws and Spider Monkeys, which had become extinct in the area.
Friends of the Great Green Macaw    In the San Juan - La Selva Area
Jardín Zoo La Marina - Tapir Breeding and Zoo in San Carlos, Costa Rica. Juan José Rojas Alfaro, propietario Tels: 474-2201/ 381-3843
Kids Saving the Rainforest    A highly productive organization in the Manuel Antonio Area
Las Pumas Cat Zoo   
Caña Blanca    This is a wildlife sanctuary that you can only get to by boat. The owners take on many animals that are injured or confiscated by animal smugglers. They have monkeys, scarlet macaws, toucans, etc. Email canablan@racsa.co.cr or fax 011-506-735-5043
Tapir Project    Researcher Charles Foerster's amazing Baird's Tapir project in Corcovado National Park, on the Osa Peninsula. Please visit this site and support this project!
ZooAve    Bird and Animal park near San Jose

Please contact us if you have information about others in Costa Rica so we can add them to our list.


Pet and Animal Rescue / Surgery Charity
Colimo Conservation Organization in France / Costa Rica
Defenders of Wildlife's Program to Bring Back the American Jaguar
Green Volunteers    Volunteer Opportunities Worldwide on Conservation/Wildlife Projects
Stray Reality    Excellent list of Conservation and Rainforest websites pertaining to Costa Rica
Tapir Talk    Organization dedicated to Tapirs

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