Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary

Tel # (011 506) 2642 1265 - Cell # (011 506) 8387 3607 Mary

Contact and Volunteer Information:

ATTENTION !!! As of March 20, 2008 Costa Rica now uses 8 digit phone numbers.
ADD AN 8 IN FRONT OF CELL #īs (cell phones begin with a 3 or an 8), ADD A 2 IN FRONT OF LAND #īS.

Volunteer Emergency Contact - call Rainsong

Mailing Address: Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary, Apdo. 182-5361, Cobano de Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Mary Lynn Perry

Directions to reach Rainsong :
Take a bus to Puntarenas from San Jose.
Take a ferry from Puntarenas to Paquera
Take a bus from Paquera to Montezuma.
Take a bus from Montezuma to Cabuya.
Go through the main intersection (crossroads of road to Malpais, the Cabuya bar, and Soda Delfin),
keep going straight towards Cabo Blanco Park.
Pass "Super Chicho", which is the 2nd grocery store on the left.
About 100 meters more, you'll see the Rainsong sign by the main road.
Turn right and go up a hill a 100 meters farther.
The house is on the left at the top of the rise, look for the Rainsong sign.
Ring the bells on the gate, or just come on in !
The Sanctuary farm (28 acres) is farther up the same road.

NOTE : We live in a town with no cell signal.
Rainsong cannot return calls from abroad.
Non-urgent messages should be sent by email.

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