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Feeding a baby monkey Wild Animal Hospital and Recovery Center:

In case you find abandoned mammal babies, here are instructions for their immediate care.
 As soon as possible they should be brought to Dr. Vet. Eduardo Ruiz Cubillo at the CoopeCobano in Cobano, to be checked over; given vitamins and electrolytes for dehidration, hunger, and stress; and to be given parasite treatments.  All mammals should receive anti-parasite treatments at the tender age of 8 days, with follow-up treatments thruout their infancy.
Dr. Vet.Eduardo´s phone #s : CoopeCobano – 2642 0424,  cell # - 8822 1700

Formula for baby mammals –
NO COWS´MILK !!!  especially NOT milk from a box !!!
Use a soy-based baby formula (Isomil, or any other brand of soy-based formula).
Use purified water for mixing it.
You can also mix the soy formula (half & half) with goat´s milk (available from the Esperanza Ladies Association – Phones – 2642 0841, 2642 0847.  Or call Jorge at the MAG office – 2642 0294 ).
Also baby cereal (the powdered mix for babies, NOT BREAKFAST CEREAL), mixed with the above formula and a spoon of honey.
Try to give some mashed banana , avocado, or cooked sweet potato.
Do not give them acidic fruits -  citrus, carambola, pineapple, etc.
Give them lots of water (electrolytes if you have any ). 
Forcefeed them if necessary,                                                                                            also force them to drink water if necessary ( 2cc´s every 2 hours).
Be very careful when feeding or giving water, that the substances do not choke them.
Liquids in their lungs will quickly kill them.

Infant birds are very demanding and dificult to save.
They may suffer internal injuries caused by their fall from the nest……
So they should be brought to the vet AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
We care for infant birds by mixing a thin gruel of masa (corn meal) with fruit juices (watermelon is the easiest, AVOID USING PAPAYA OR MANGO).
We spoonfeed them as much gruel as they want EVERY TWO HOURS.
If they won´t willingly eat, we forcefeed them by prying open their beaks and spooning in the gruel.
Be very patient, and very careful to not choke them.



MARCH 2005 :
MINAE has given us permission to begin construction of a hospital and recovery center for wild animals in Cabuya, which is the village closest to Cabo Blanco National Park.

Our volunteers have been helping to clear the area where the hospital will be built, on Mary and Simon's land. Until now, sick or injured animals found in the area have had nowhere to go. They are destroyed by the govt. officials.

Rainsong´s Rescue Center has been actively rescuing, treating and releasing all species of wildlife and birds in our area of Costa Rica for the past 4 years.
Mary & Simon spent in 2007 $24,000 of their personal $ on the construction and maintenance of the Sanctuary and Rescue Center.
For examples of the wildlife rescued and released click below :
Released Animals List

Many visitors & volunteers have made donations to help us continue the project.
We need the help of all nature-lovers to fund the maintenance and development of the Rescue Center.
Please click below if you are willing to help us !!!

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