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Breadfruit - a favorite fruit of many animals Rainsong Nursery:

The Rainsong reforestation nursery has been up and running for over 15 years in Cabuya, since 1993.
We specialize in reforestation and open-air butterfly gardens.
Mary and Simon's collection of plant species has been compared with that of the University in San Jose.
The nursery is generally half the price of other nurseries in the area, and specializes in rare and endangered hardwood seedlings, including several species that are nearly extinct.
If you have land in Costa Rica, your help is needed !
Please plant some of these endangered hardwoods to save them from extinction.
In addition, we urge you to plant several other important species:
Mountain Almond - This is the only tree that the Great Green Macaw will nest in. It has been cut nearly to extinction for its fine hardwood grain, and the Great Green Macaw will disappear with them.
Ylang Ylang - Although it's not native to Costa Rica (native in southeast asia), this amazingly fragrant tree is beneficial to animals and birds because it produces fruit all year.
Breadfruit (castana) - Like the Ylang Ylang, this tree fruits all year, and many species love it. Planting plenty of Ylang Ylang and breadfruit on your land will make your land a favorite feeding spot of many birds and animals.
Guayaba - Another favorite of birds and mammals, it also fruits all year.
Capulin - This tree commonly grows wild and is a favorite of parrots and parakeets. It has small fruit along the stems. If you want to see flocks of parrots and other birds, plant lots of Capulin.

Read Rainsong's article about the Scarlet Macaws for more information about planting for this amazing bird. Also check out mary's article on Reforestation Advice.

A more complete list of endangered hardwoods that we have:

Spanish Name English Name Latin Name Flower
Almendro de montana* Mountain Almond Dipteryz panamensis purple
Ardillo* Cojobo arborea cream
Cachimbo** Platymiscium pinnatum (Jacq.) cream
Camibar, balsamo* Myroxylon balsamum cream
Caoba* Mahogany Swienteniahumilis (Zucc.) cream
Cedro amargo*^ Tabasco Cedar Cedrela odorata cream
Ceiba Pochote Silk Cotton Tree Ceiba Pentandra white
Ceiba Verde^ Bottle Tree Pseudobombax septenatum white
Cenizaro*^ Raintree Pithecelobium saman purple
Chaperno* Mora oleifera (Triana) purple
Cocobolo* Rosewood Dalbergia retusa (Hemsl.) cream
Corteza amarilla* Tabebuia ochracea yellow
Corteza negra, guayacan** Tabebuia impetiginosa purple
Cristobal, nambar* Platymiscium pleiostachyum (Donn.) cream
Espavel* Anacardium excelsum cream
Gallinazo Brazilian Firetree Schizolobium parahybum yellow
Gavilan** Carribean Walnut Oreomunnea pterocarpa (Oerst.) cream
Guanacaste^ Monkey Ear Enterolobium cyclocarpum cream
Guapinol negro* Cynommetra hemitomophylla cream
Guayaba de montana* Mountain Guava Terminalia guyanensis cream
Laurel negro*^ Cordia gerascanthus L. cream
Madero Gliricidia sepium pink
Madrono* Madrona Calycophyllium candidissimum white
Nispero, chiricano, lorito** Humariastrum diguense Cuatrec cream
Ojoche** Brosimum costaricanum cream
Panama* Sterculia apetala (Jacq.) pink
Pelleyo de toro** Macawood, quiva Tachigali versicolor (Standl.) orange
Roble rosado^ Trumpet Tree Tabebuia rosea pink
Ron Ron, javillo** Astronium graveolens (Jacq.) cream
Tamarindo Parkia pendula pink
Yayo / Melin Redhera trinervis cream
* In danger of extinction ** Extremely rare or officially extinct ^ Loses foliage during the dry season

Fruit Trees: Grown without chemicals, and none are hybrids.

Almond (almendro) - two types
Avacado (aguacate) - several types
Cacao - the heart of chocolate!
Cherry (cereza) - native-sour
Coconut (coco) - dwarf yellow, dwarf green, tall
Guava (guayaba) - white, pink (large)
Ice Cream Bean
Lichi Nut (mamon)- native type
Mango - several types
Momi Apple (caimeto) - custard apple family
Nispero (and several other types of zapotes)
Olive (aceituna)
Starfruit (carambola) - the SWEET variety
Water Apple (manzana agua)

Please plant for the animals and birds:

Mountain Almond - The only tree that Great Green Macaws will nest in.
Cottonwood - Useful for bird nesting material
Breadfruit (Fruta Pan) - Mammals - has fruit all year
Guava (Guayaba) - Birds and Mammals
Papaya - Toucans & Parrots
Ylang Ylang - Birds (esp Toucans) and Mammals - fruits all year - amazing scent
Wild Avocado - Favorite food of the Quetzal

Other excellent fruiting species that animals love:

Anona and other types of Zapote
Caimeto (Momi-Apple, Custard Apple)
Cocoa (Cacao)
Espavel (hardwood)
Mamon (native Lichi)
Manzana Agua
Maranon (Cashew Fruit)
Native Cherry (Cereza)
Native Olive (Aceituna)
Nispero (hardwood)

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