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Rainsong Wildlife Rescue Center is temporarily closed. for Volunteer Opportunities we suggest you contact:
Refuge for Wildlife in Nosara Website
Refuge for Wildlife in Nosara facebook page

Since March of 2005 we have been taking in injured or abandoned wildlife. We have also treated and released numerous animals & birds Those with permanent handicaps are being cared for in comfortable habitats. We spend many hours each day caring for the wildlife in the rescue center. The volunteers help us with this. We are continually in the process of clearing brush, landscaping, and building more animal habitats for the hospital and breeding areas. We have a tremendous amount of work to do, and usually have 6 or more volunteers helping. We can always use more, so please contact us if you would like to help. Our project is unique, so you will have the pleasure of knowing that your efforts have had a major impact on a world renowned project.

Costa Rica Volunteers - Rainsong Wildlife Hospital and Sanctuary

While you're here, enjoy the nearby beaches, nature tours, waterfalls, and hiking in virgin forest. Learn tropical gardening (biodynamic, permaculture, co-creative...), animal husbandry, camping and treking skills, reflexology, identification and gathering of exotic fruits, wild edibles, and native medicinals, wildlife studies, building natural shelters, and help learning conversational Spanish.

Volunteers enjoy many free activities: fishing and snorkeling excursions to Isla Cabuya, jungle and waterfall trips, wildlife hikes, and other group activities.

Plus, enjoy volunteers' discounts for nature tours by horse, fishing and snorkeling trips by boat, boat tours, entrance to Montezuma Butterfly Gardens, and other activites.

We will make every effort to ensure that you enjoy your visit to
Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary !!!


Click here to download the Volunteer Application form.

Minimum stay -- one week.

4 hour workdays, 6 days a week (animal care, landscaping, gardening, construction)

Volunteers' tasks are assigned according to their talents and preferences.

Cabuya offers:
Regular Bus Service to Montezuma and connections to other destinations.

Within walking distance of Rainsong and all the lodging options:
2 Supermarkets
2 Good Restaurants (Soda Delfin and Panaderia Cabuya)
2 Internet Cafes with Skype.
Laundry Service

Meals for Volunteers:
We do not provide meals.
The volunteers are responsible for the preparation of their own meals.
Kitchen facilities are provided in all lodging options.

All Rainsong volunteers (WWOOF-ers included) will be required to donate $20 per week to help us cover our increasing costs for maintaining the animals in the Rescue Center.
This $20 per week is in addition to any lodging fee the volunteers pay.
Until we acquire funding thru grants, our project is funded only by donations. (and mary & simon´s personal money).
We hope to attract volunteers who are truly motivated to help the project.
Please cooperate with this policy.
Many conservation projects thruout the world acquire funding by charging volunteers hundreds of dollars weekly.
$20 per week is a small donation to ask for.
Do not come to Rainsong unless you are willing to help selflessly.

It is Rainsong policy that all volunteers have a travelers' insurance policy in the case of an emergency.

To ensure that your lodging reservation is confirmed, please comply with our procedures:
Due to the amount of No-Sho´s we´ve experienced...
we require your donation in advance,
send the total U.S.$ amount for your entire stay. (for 2 weeks - $40 per person), (for one month- $80pp), etc....
Upon receipt of your donation, Rainsong will make your lodging reservation at Rainsong, or Hotel Ancla, Mar y Paz, or one of the guest houses or rental houses.

To make a deposit (donation) payment you can send the $ by Western Union to Mary Lynn Perry (paternal) Henry (maternal).
Mary´s Western Union acct # - 942361932 (use this acct # if possible, sometimes online it's not an option).
destination - Farmacia Amiga, Cobano, Costa Rica.
Then send us an email , subject title : MARY--DEPOSIT, confirming the deposit payment.
You must send the routing # in the email, after you make your transfer.
In this email send again your exact date of arrival, lodging choice and estimated length of stay.
We will confirm by email the receipt of your deposit payment.
Your lodging fees will be due upon your arrival.

Much thanks to all the volunteers who have already donated $$$ to help us continue our effort to save the wildlife in our area.

We are currently working on getting a stateside bank account to simplify your payments of the donation.
We understand that Western Union is very costly, but at this moment it is our only option for securing lodging spaces for Rainsong volunteers.
We apologize for this inconvenience but this process is necessary for a confirmed reservation.

WWOOF-ers click here

Read "A Day in the Life at Rainsong" by Mary.

Read Rainsong Testimonials by volunteers.

Rainsong needs one or two long-term volunteers to supervise animal care and volunteers' tasks (including gardening, landscaping, and reforestation projects).
Lodging provided FREE.
We will help you with visa renewals (every 3 months).
If you commit to a 2-year stay, we will help you with a provisional residency permit.
You MUST LOVE ANIMALS, be caring, and be a responsible, mature person.
If you are interested in this option, send an email to us, subject title -- MARY-SUPERVISOR.
We will also help with acquiring internship credits with your school, if you are a student, or graduate student.

We urgently need help with grant-writing.
If you have experience & are interested in helping, please send MARY an email.

Students of forestry, botany, and other related fields:
we need to inventory the trees on our farm AND the Reserva Cabo Blanco for our Re-Introduction permits.
Please send MARY an email if you are interested in this task.

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Map of Cabuya

Tel # (011 506) 2642 1265
- Cell # (011 506) 8387 3607 Mary


For urgent messages or EMERGENCIES call Rainsong.
011 506 2642 1265

BRING A VISA ATM BANK CARD, OR U.S. DOLLARS ($20´s, or $100´s, no $50´s).

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