Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary and Retreat
 Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary


sunscreen and a shady hat
good hiking shoes or boots
a flashlight
an alarm clock
travellers' water filter (if you don't want to buy bottled water -- it's $2 for 1 1/2 gallons !!!)
some bedding (blanket, sheet, pillow, sleeping bag or air mattress-thermarest )
old used clothing for work
a light rain poncho (in rainy season--may thru october )
some volunteers prefer having a mosquito net over their bed

BRING U.S. DOLLARS AND/OR A BANK CARD (VISA). Don't bring travellers cheques, BIG HASSLE !!! and you lose money every time you change them, even at the bank..
Bring cash with you to Cabuya, there´s no bank nearby.

   long pants if you like riding horses
   binoculars for observing wildlife
   a snorkel mask is handy for swimming the small reef off cabuya island
   a tent if you like camping
   bird & wildlife guides, plant guides, etc.
   arts & crafts supplies (cord for macrame art, etc.)
   watercolor supplies (watercolor paper, brushes, & watercolor tube paints )
   musical instruments
   good reading materials (books & magazines )--to trade or donate to the rainsong library
   a good spanish dictionary ( & textbook ) for classes in conversational spanish

NOTE: Helping Hands can bring :
   wildlife stickers for the schoolkids in our Conservation Education Programs
   animal coloring books for the kids
   used pots & pans (stainless steel or cast iron ) for the rainsong communal kitchens
   heavy-duty leather gloves
   kalaidescopes (cheap dime-store ones) for the schoolkids
  watercolor paper for artcamps with the schoolkids (if you can find rolls of wallpaper pad paper, it´s much cheaper !!! )

Beaches of Cabuya Photo Collage
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