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Native Medicinal Plants

Mary Lynn Perry

Zarza - the best blood tonic and detoxifier. Increases energy and stamina. Gavilana - Blood purifier. Fights infections, viruses, anemia.

Pepinillo - Balances blood sugar, battles diabetes. Blood tonic, fights infections, relieves anemia.

Hojasen (sen, senna leaf ) - Mild intestinal cleanser, detoxifier.

Holy Basil (mint basil) - Spiritual protection, longevity. Highly revered by India's Buddhists.

Anis Anís (leaves) - Relieves indigestión, soothes ulcers. Kava Kava (roots) - Pain-killer, sedative.

Lemongrass (sacate limón) - Relieves flu symptoms, expectorant.

Tilo (Lindenflower ) - Soothes nervous system.

Carao - the natural 'viagra', also reverses the greying and thinning of hair.

Papaya - Contains enzymes that cure skin lesions (external and internal -ulcers, etc.).

Prickly Pear Cactus ('tuna') -- Conditions hair and skin. Sour Cañe ('caña agria') - Flushes urinary tract.

Madero Negro - the Best natural insecticide. External bath protects dogs, horses, and persons from ticks, redbugs, etc.
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