Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary

Ocelot Kitten playing with his mother Sponsors and Donations:

If you would like to make a donation to Rainsong, you can do it one of 5 ways at the moment:

1. International Bank Transfer:
    Bank: Banco Nacional de Costa Rica
    Agencia de Cobano
    To: Mary Lynn Perry Henry
    Acct # 200-02-090-004543-9 (US$ Account)

2. If you have an account in Costa Rica already, you can transfer money to the acct# above.

3. Send a check by certified or registered mail to : Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary, Apdo. 182-5361, Cobano de Puntarenas, Costa Rica, Central America.    DO NOT SEND CHECKS BY REGULAR MAIL. THEY WILL GET LOST.

4. Western Union -- send to Mary Lynn Perry, acct # 942361932, c/o Farmacia Amiga, Cobano, Puntarenas, Costa Rica.   When sending $ by Western Union, always send the routing # by email, subject title : MARY -- W.U.

The following organizations are currently providing support to our projects. Please support their businesses:

Tropisphere Real Estate Tropisphere Real Estate - Montezuma, Malpais, Santa Teresa, and Tambor Real Estate
Carlos Chavarria Torres - Taxi - 8823 8633. Good friend, and he gets me where i need to be !!!
LLM LAW FIRM -- our probono legal eagles. Marta Guardia (local office) 2640 0680, 8872 2592, 8366 6645
Zoom Magazine Penisula de Nicoya info, Andrea Pieke, tel. 2642 0412, 833 8224
Ferroca Ferreteria / Hardware Store, Errol Castro, tel. 2642 1414, 2642 0765, fax 2642 0764
Carlo Sancho Ferreteria Sancho, Cobano 2642 0659
Peninsula de Nicoya Magazine Axel and Martha 8369 6687
Hotel La Rosa de America - Facebook Fan Page. Owner: Robert Hick - Phone 2433-2741
Veterinarian - Dr. Eduardo Ruiz Cubillo - tel. 8841 9156, 2642 0424 (CoopeCobano)
CoopeCobano Vet Supply, Agricultural products, tel. 2642 0424
CompuCobano Internet Cafe, Computer Supply and Repair, Aldo Lopez Medina, tel. 2642 0718,
8813 9407, fax 2642 0906, email: compucobano@yahoo.es
Transportes Rodriguez - Keiner (the Cobano bus service) - 2642 0992, 2642 0740, 8389 7177 They allow us to transport animals (FREE) AND they provide transportation for the excursions for the schoolkids .
Celulares Quiros - Luis 8816 2335 Luis helps Mary with her cell phone (usually FREE).
Edda Knight, Atlanta, Georgia . Edda donates many excellent prizes for the schoolkids in our Coservation Education Programs.
AnamayaResort.com - Anamaya Resort, Montezuma's luxury yoga teacher training and yoga retreats center.
La Escuela del Sol in Montezuma, Costa Rica - offering classes and retreats featuring Spanish Language, Surfing, Yoga, Fire Dancing, and Scuba Diving

Volunteer Organizations:

Organic Volunteers
Volunteer Latin America
Volunteer South America

Project Donors:
2005 /2006
$4200 - Tropisphere Real Estate / Geoff and Karen McCabe, Montezuma
$1000+ Jean & Sandy Hebert, Tambor
$400 - Don & Ann O'Conner, Toronto
$334 - Bruce and Vickie Houff, Texas - Houff Energy Corp

$300 - Steve and Mary Matichak, California
$270 - Hotel Amor de Mar, Montezuma
$270 - Mike and Maryann McDuffee, Montezuma
$250 - MontezumaBeach.com
$84 - Dr Kinne McCabe, Seattle 
$60 - Fernando Sol, Vainilla
$60 - Jack and Jennifer Nusbaum, Washington State

Special Thanks to:
Ben Kagan, our good friend and email liason
Ed Struijk, owner of Hotel el Ancla de Oro, Cabuya
Geoff McCabe
Errol Castro , Ferroca Hardware
CompuCobano -- Diego , you wiz kid !!!
Andrea, Zoom Magazine
Martha and Axel Hunot, Peninsula de Nicoya Magazine/Revista


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