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There are several ways that anyone can help us...

If you are interested in helping or donating to Rainsong's Sea Turtle Protection Program or anti-poaching patrols, message Rainsong Sanctuary's Facebook page.

DONATIONS -- Until our non-profit organization is registered (by June 2015) and opens a new bank account, you may make all donations to La Escuela Del Sol.  Please record the detail "Rainsong Donation" when doing so to one of the following accounts:

La Escuela Del Sol S.A.
Banco Nacional de Costa Rica
Acct #100-02-090-600270-4
International Routing Code (SWIFT): BNCRCRSJ
Bank tel # - (011 506) 2642 0115, 2642 0833, 2642 0210 


Bank of America
Name: La Escuela Del Sol
Acct# 164107195783
Routing numbers:
121000358 (paper & electronic)
026009593 (wire transfer)
*Address for account:
944 N Orange Grove
Apt 108
W Hollywood, CA 90046

MAILING GIFTS -- see details below...
NETWORKING and RESEARCH -- see details below...
GRANT-WRITING -- see details below...
PETITIONS -- see details below...

We urgently need donations to help us continue the Sanctuary project.
Recently the Costa Rican Government implemented new rules & regulations for projects involving animals.
Most of these additional documents required we will be able to accomplish with time, help from our lawyers, and some expenses.
The most dificult new requirement for us is the cost for an 'Environmental Impact Study'.
$1,500 U.S. is the cost for this study done by a certified Costa Rican Environmental Engineer.
We donīt have $1,500 to spend on this study.
We need help to pay for it.
We struggle daily just to maintain the animals & birds in the Rescue Center :
food & dietary supplements (vitamins & minerals),
medicines -- preventive, and for treatments for injured or sick wildlife,
Dr. Vet. visits (emergencies & routine inspections),
and fees for our Regente Biologistīs monthly inspections.
Our budget for the Rescue Center is now over $1,500 U.S. each month, just to care for our animals.
We spend approximately $150 per week just for the fruits & veggies needed for the animals.
The constantly rising cost of gasoline is pushing the prices for all goods up & up.
Every week we pay more for EVERYTHING !!!
The costs for construction materials has TRIPLED in the last 2 years !!!
We currently need to build at least 5 new habitats for new animal residents at the rescue center.

Mailing checks : We prefer that you do not send checks as they require a 45 day hold in Costa Rica before any money can be deposited.  

Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary is soon to be a registered non-profit & tax-exempt in Costa Rica.
If you require a tax-exemption receipt for your donation, send us an email with your personal or corporate contact information, including your mailing address. A receipt will be mailed to you.

Everyone at Rainsong is very grateful to all the folks who have already sent donations & gifts in packages for our animals.
A heartfelt thanks also goes out to all the visitors to the Rescue Center, & Rainsong volunteers who have given generous donations to our cause.


Please send us any possible donation NOW so we can continue our work.



Many people have sent us packages with gifts for our animals and/or for the schoolchildren in our Conservation Education programs. MUCH THANKS TO ALL OF YOU !!!
To send us a package...
Please make sure it weighs under 2 kilos (to avoid it being routed to the Customs House at Caldera outside Puntarenas). If it weighs under 2 kilos, it will come directly to us in Cobano, no hassle.

Our mailing address is :
Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary
Apdo. 182-5361
Costa Rica
Central America
* Please comply with all regulations for international mail when sending a package.
Examples of things that can be mailed :
wildlife stickers, toys (especially kaleidescopes - not available in Costa Rica), also coloring books with conservation or wildlife themes (can be in English), for the schoolkids,
misc. articles for birds and animals (chewsticks, toys, nursing bottles with extra nipples, antibiotic & burn creams, vitamin &mineral supplements, etc.)
C.D.s of conservation topics for our Conservation Education programs
Send an email to MARY for a list of current needs for the project.
When you send a package, please send an email to MARY to notify her. Once received, Mary will acknowledge the arrival by email.


We need help with networking & research.
If you have time and are interested in doing some research online for us...
following is a list of examples of networking & research we need to accomplish.
Please send all networking information by email to Rainsong, subject title: JEREMY - NETWORKING.

Foundations which might be interested in funding our project, or certain aspects of it (for example : reforestation, conservation education, wildlife studies, re-introduction of endangered species, etc.).

Legal aid - ProBono - We need help to create a legal non-profit & tax-exempt organization stateside.
Once we have accomplished that, we will be eligible for many grants from foundations and universities stateside, to continue our project.

Universities interested in sending groups of students to Rainsong for internships, field experience, & studies in our unique corner of Costa Rica. We always complete any documentation required for credits for the students.

Conservation Projects (in North, Central, or South America) -- for the exchange of knowledge & advice.

Volunteer Programs -- Weīd appreciate networking with more volunteer programs that specialize in conservation projects & wildlife rescue centers around the world.

Scientific studies and /or related articles regarding the re-introduction of endangered species in our hemisphere (also, globally).

Studies of the care & reproduction of specific species in captivity (for the purpose of re-introduction).
For example : anteaters, central american porcupines, kinkajous, monkeys, striped pygmy skunks, pacas (tepezquintles), possums, iguanas, peccary pigs, wildcats, raccoons, parrots and native parakeets, deer, pisoti (coati mundi), etc. etc. etc.

Childrensī Organizations for Conservation (globally) -- to continue our efforts at Conservation Education in our area of Costa Rica, weīd like to network schoolchildren here with other like-minded children around the world.

Plans and blueprints for low-impact habitats, multi-species habitats, reproduction habitats, etc.
For continuing our construction at the Sanctuary.

Plans & diagrams for monkey bridges across roads and highways. Many other species would also be saved by these bridges (kinkajous, porcupines, anteaters, squirrels, etc.).
We are trying to organize in our local communities a group of concerned people who will help us construct these badly needed bridges to save many many many animals from electrocution and being hit by cars. This action is URGENTLY needed in all of Costa Rica.
We need better details of the cheapest and best way to accomplish this.

We need people who can research and write grants for our project.
If you can help us with this, please send us an email, subject title : JEREMY - GRANTWRITING

We need help to convince the local govt. to provide decent roads, water, electric service, phone service, internet, etc. to Cabuya and Rainsong.
We would like to have people send emails to the local govt. asking the officials to help Rainsong by providing the basic services needed.
Our roads are so bad in rainy season, we have to haul our bi-weekly fruit delivery by wheelbarrow to the Sanctuary.
We canīt get construction materials delivered,
the taxis wonīt bring our volunteers or visitors to Rainsong due to the terrible road...

For more info about Costa Rica: click here.


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